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Back-to-school Readiness for Music Students

"Back-to-school Readiness for Music Students" by Olesya MacNeil, published in L.A. Parent on August 14, 2016

As a piano teacher and the founder of Music Teacher LA, I am Back to school piano voice violin guitar drum lessons with Music Teacher LAoften asked how to help young music students get ready for back-to-school time.
For families whose children are taking private music lessons, such readiness is essential to ensure that children have a smooth transition from a summer of laid-back music study or vacation to motivational weekly music lessons.
Additionally, feeling confident and prepared helps kids to begin the school year well organized and focused.
Your back-to-school shopping list should include the following items:
A metronome: This little device helps students keep the beat, play music pieces smoothly and perform at an exact tempo in recitals.
A tuning service or instrument-care kit: If your child is learning to play the piano, scheduling a piano tuning before the school year starts will ensure that your child is hearing the right tones when learning new songs. If your child is learning to play a violin or a guitar, then cleaning the instrument, replacing the strings, re-positioning pegs and inspecting the bridge (for violin) is essential.
Violin teacher in Marina del Rey, CA 90292Method books, plus supplementary material: In a new school year, your child is likely to begin learning from the new method books. Your music teacher might also ask your child to pick two or three favorite genres such as Classical, Jazz or Rock-N-Roll, and purchase supplementary books in the chosen genres.
A music standEvery violinist and guitarist – from beginner to advanced – needs a music stand. Not having one will lead to all kinds of health issues, from carpal tunnel syndrome due to improper hand position to more serious neck and back problems due to incorrect posture. The music stand will enable your child to practice at home in a sitting or standing position, as well as to perform in recitals. Choose the standard solid stand if your child is using bigger and heavier music books in lessons and does not need to move the stand around. If you are looking for a music stand that can be easily moved, yet sturdy, consider purchasing a folding stand with a folding base and a single-piece top. If your child is practicing using sheet music or light-weight method books for beginners, then choose lightweight folding music stands that have both folding base and folding top.

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